Reconstruction of buildings and facilities includes a broad range of activities aimed both at recovering of outward features of the structure and at changing the building look. These services become more and more popular in the sphere of construction and repair work. Commercial Construction company makes overall reconstruction of the whole building or its particular part, regardless of the original condition of the structure.

Specific features of renovation and reconstruction of buildings

We provide reconstruction of any buildings, irrespective of their original function and current condition. Repairs can completely transform the structure and revitalize it. In this case the work includes both aesthetical part of the building and its functionality. Our specialists will make a reconstruction according to your requirements and wishes.

What do we mean by «reconstruction of buildings »? As a rule, this is an integrated process that includes the following activities:

  1. Construction work of all types.
  2. Finishing work at the construction sites.
  3. Installation of the electric power network.
  4. Installation of lighting system.
  5. Installation of systems ensuring fire safety in the facility.
  6. All the types of façade and roofing operations.
  7. Installation of ventilation, air conditioning systems etc.

Keep in mind that reconstruction of a building is impossible without the appropriate permit. So, before you get started, it’s important to examine specific features of the structure and get a permit for reconstruction of the facility. The good news is that you don’t have to do that yourself – our specialists will take all the red tape upon themselves.

The process of renovation and reconstruction of buildings

Reconstruction of the facility is performed in the following stages:

  1. Our specialists visit the construction site to see its current condition.
  2. Discussion of all details. On a face-to-face meeting we listen to all your requirements about the result and consult you on the operations required, if necessary.
  3. Development of a design project for the future building. You will have a chance to see how the building will look like after all the renovation operations.
  4. Discussion of deadlines and cost of reconstruction.
  5. Legal aspects. Before starting the renovation, it’s crucial to collect all the permits required. Besides, our specialists will go through the architectural features of the building. This makes it possible to avoid troubles in the construction project and get a sustainable result.
  6. Reconstruction and commissioning of the project.

Construction sites are often located in a busy area of the city, and it is simply impossible for large-scale machinery to approach them. The way we plan everything makes it possible to carry out the construction work without getting in the way of traffic and people passing by.

Why to apply to us?

Commercial Construction company offers services of renovation and reconstruction of buildings. We approach each particular order individually and guarantee high quality performance. Why is it worthwhile to come to us?

  1. Our team consists of experienced professionals that have acquired all necessary skills to perform reconstruction of buildings.
  2. All details of your order are discussed in advance. You can be sure that we take all your requirements and wishes into consideration.
  3. Competitive pricing. We offer all types of work on renovation of buildings at advantageous terms.
  4. Timely project commissioning. Forget about delays and failures to meet deadlines!

Commercial Construction performs projects of any complexity and do our work at the highest professional level. Reconstruction and total building renovation will help to bring back the original look to the building or vice versa – to change it completely. You can apply to the professionals and be sure that the renovation will be accomplished to the highest standard and within the pre-agreed terms.

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