Manufacturing and assembly of advertising structures and sun-protection devices

Manufacturing and assembly of advertising structures is one of the drivers of marketing. After all in spite of the fact that the share of internet advertisement dramatically increased, the outdoor advertising market demonstrates rather growth than decrease. This is because there is now a high level of competition in a lot of human activities that encourages businesspeople to act more aggressively. For this very reason, manufacturing and assembly of advertisement boards still stays extremely popular both among third party companies and among specialized businesses that offer places for outdoor advertising.

Varieties of outdoor advertising structures

When you are strolling through the city, a signboard of a certain store or a restaurant, or a billboard with an ad of the product or service you are interested in at this very moment will definitely catch you eye. That is the customers approach that those companies expect, which offer their customers Manufacturing and assembly of advertising structures, billboards and other types of outdoor advertisement installation.

Mainly the outdoor advertisement is placed on structures of the following types:

  • Billboards – large structures, installed along motorways;
  • City-light showcases ‒structures of smaller dimensions, most common both along the motorways and by pedestrian paths;
  • Light boxes ‒ advertising signboard 1.2х8 m in size, internally illuminated;
  • Rollup banner stands ‒ a more effective option of the city-light showcase that offers a possibility to thumb through the pages;
  • Prisms ‒ a rare type of outdoor advertising structures that attracts customers due to certain motions.

As you see, manufacturing and assembly of advertising signboards is noted for its higher complexity than you could expect on the surface. The manufacturing process itself is divided into a number of steps, each of them being important enough for the advertising structure to be installed in a definite place. Among these stages there are:

  1. Design development.
  2. Collection of all required documents.
  3. Getting a permit for installation and expert evaluation.
  4. Manufacturing and assembly of outdoor advertising.
  5. Dismantling of outdoor advertising.

Specific aspects of manufacturing of outdoor advertising structures

When office spaces, multifamily apartment buildings, shopping and leisure centers etc. are designed, manufacturing and installation of sun-protection devices become especially important. This is the case with multi-storey buildings that especially suffer from sun exposure under conditions of bright sunshine.

This service can also be needed by a great number of stores and manufacturing businesses, which products lose their properties when exposed to sunlight. That is precisely why you should pay special attention to manufacturing and installation of sun-protection devices that can not only make office and residential spaces more comfortable, but can provide protection from negative exposure.

Special aspects of cooperation with Commercial Construction company

Commercial Construction offers its own services of manufacturing outdoor advertising structures and sun-protection devices. This includes manufacturing of LED-screens, signboards, moving message signs etc. For years and years our clients have enjoyed high-quality services on manufacturing of these structures that allowed them to get a reliable place for any type of advertising for a long period.