Interior design for a restaurant, a café or an office

Absolutely any structure in your new restaurant or café should promote success of your business. Needless to say that a good cuisine and perfect service are crucial for conducting your favorite business, but an enjoyable interior design of your restaurant, café or office is no less important and is often critical for creating an atmosphere for target audience.

It is necessary to engage highly professional experts to develop a design that will help you to arrange space in a proper and distinctive manner. Our objective is to offer optimal scope of services in designing premises for our clients. Our specialists are responsible, highly qualified and experienced proffesionals.

What a restaurant starts with

A restaurant is not only a place to have a good meal, it’s a place for socializing, business meetings, dating, celebrating anniversaries and other special events. That is why it is important to create here a refined design that is at the same time inviting. The interior design for a restaurant starts with:

  • Getting to know the client’s wishes and the profile of the place, the target visitors and the meals to be served;
  • Getting an insight into the plan of the premises, checking up utility terminals, points of connection of technical equipment to utility systems, other regulatory requirements;
  • Taking a close look at the construction site, measuring and investigations;
  • Developing a layout of the kitchen taking into consideration all the required regulations for operation of the kitchen fittings;

The design project of a restaurant includes layout of a dance floor or a patio and a sitting area. It is crucial to attain balance between a pleasing atmosphere and maximum comfort. In other words, you should seat a sufficient number of visitors to make a profit and at the same time you should make your visitors feel comfortable.

Furniture and accessories are selected, all the parts are visualized in 3D that makes it possible to easily analyze the future setup. We can also offer a café design project, many years of our experience makes it possible to implement an idea of any complexity.

Special aspects of designing a café

In contrast to restaurants, cafes are focused on providing visitors with more time-efficient service. For these premises that are usually not very spacious to become popular, you need a distinctive decoration and rational use of space.

The team of our professionals with cutting-edge ideas and personal wishes will make a café design project. The job price will not exceed your budget, and the work will be completed within the period specified in advance. What’s on trend today:

  • Irregular shapes, disproportion and asymmetry.
  • Soft lighting, diffused, romantic illumination on tables;
  • Lettering decoration when unique inscriptions are made on walls (it is usually the title and logo of the café);
  • The equipment and kitchen are located in the way that visitors can see them;
  • Environmental friendliness and distinctive character, use of natural materials.

Café design project is a creative approach that makes it possible to create bright accents, proper lighting and exclusive style. An elaborate furnishing in combination with dainty food and warm service will help to attract visitors, encourage them to come to the place again and to recommend it to their friends. After all, having regular visitors makes a café cost effective.


Office is more than a place where you work

Office interior design is more than just furniture and equipment to carry out various functions. It should motivate and inspire, encourage innovations, discussions and cooperation to the employees. It should become a place where people feel comfortable to be creative and generate new ideas.

It’s clear that most of the offices cannot afford many extra details, but there are different ways to design a room to make it inviting to the eye and effective for working process. Office design project includes decorative and functional elements that will contribute to:

  • creating an atmosphere favorable for raising the employees’ performance or comfortable recreation;
  • a pleasing effect on clients or business partners;
  • increasing the number of visitors and raise the level of profit from sales or services rendered;
  • creating an attractive image and making the office a testimonial of the company;

Applying to Commercial Construction company, you can expect getting high quality services from the professions. Within the period of our existence we have implemented more than 50 turnkey projects for restaurants and fast food outlets (including MacDonalds), and about 40 projects of cafes as well. It should be remembered that a successful business starts with engaging a good contractor, such as Commercial Construction company.

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