Fabrication of glass and aluminum structures

Glass and aluminum structures are widely used to set up both interior and exterior of commercial construction project. They are especially popular among those businesses that lay emphasis on zoning the space and creating an inviting environment for customer service ‒ these are restaurants, hotels, offices, stores and the like.

Fabrication and installation of glass structures is quite a complicated process that involves application of certain technologies. Glass is a fragile material, so the quality of this décor element of exterior or interior should be flawless. Otherwise you will soon have to replace this structure.

Types of glass structures

Glass structures are a major asset in arrangement of lighting. The latter is equally important both for work of office workers and for customer experience of visitors in a restaurant or a store. That is why customized glass structures should be made by true professionals that provide them with the appropriate features. In this way the final result will completely meet your requirements.

The most widely used translucent structures made from glass can include:

  • doors;
  • partitions;
  • frontispieces ;
  • stained-glass windows;
  • windows;
  • rooflights
  • domes etc.

Glass may also be used for structures inside the building:

  • stairs;
  • handrails;
  • fencing;
  • shelves;
  • ceilings or the floor and many other things.

Fabrication and installation of glass structures and sun-protection systems should be thoroughly planned by the highly qualified professionals that ultimately make design elements of this kind complement to an accomplished standard the interior and exterior of the building.

Types of aluminum structures

Office spaces are often made with large panoramic windows that let much light in. This helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for work, however, on especially sunny days excess light can bring about a reverse effect. To avoid this we use special protective aluminum blades.

With this in mind, fabrication and installation of aluminum structures is also of great importance for designing the appropriate interior and exterior. However, they are used not only as sun-protective systems.

Aluminum profiles are even more common than blades. They are widely used for installation of glass structures, so façade glazing cannot do without a common aluminum profile that is perfectly combined with austere and contemporary appearance of the building. That is why fabrication and installation of aluminum structures is directly connected with glass assemblies.

Benefits of cooperation with Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction often makes use of glass and aluminum structures in designing sales areas. Our clients are new brands striving to climb to the heights or already the leaders in their own business (Dior, Coca-Cola, Miele, Dynamo Kyiv and many others).

These elements show goods to the best advantage and make it possible to zone the space more effectively, making it look larger. We purchase glass and aluminum elements of structures for commercial construction from premium suppliers only that guarantee a long service life with no visible defects coming up.

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