Fabrication and installation of furniture for companies

Furniture for a store, restaurant and office or any other business should keep up to a number of tasks depending on the profile of the company. The solution of choice to furnish the company with necessary interior features is to address a specialized company that will be able to satisfy all your needs in this aspect.

Specific features of furniture for stores

Fabrication and installation of furniture for stores is an extremely important process, after all it is with these interior features that your customers will interact every day. That is why you should give a special consideration to this issue, for unhandy furniture of low quality can be the very factor that will distract the  customers from your store, in spite of highly attractive prices.

In most cases sales spaces of stores are equipped with special shelving units for customers to choose the goods they need without any assistance. In this way it is possible for the business to considerably reduce the workload on the personnel and by doing so reduce the number of employees.

No less important is also individual design of furniture that increases recognition of the company among the customers and makes it more attractive for them.

Specific features of furniture for offices and hotels

An office should be furnished in a most practical manner. To make it possible for every employee to do their functions most effectively the interior items around them should be endurable and comfortable, and no design item should keep them from work.

For this reason fabrication of furniture for offices, hotels or other businesses has special character. A lot of companies reckon on customized furniture fabrication. In this way it is possible for them to meet the needs of their personnel to the maximum with high-quality interior items, which functionality will directly depend on the specific character of the company’s operation.

Peculiarities of furniture for restaurants and cafes

Fabrication and installation of furniture for restaurants, cafes and other food outlets has a number of peculiarities too that should be kept in mind for successful operation of the business.

To attract customers to your place you should pay special attention not only to the layout, but to the quality of furniture as well that should be as follows:

  • Comfortable;
  • Wear-resistant;
  • Smooth to the touch;
  • Good-looking;
  • Having a practical form factor.

Besides, a lot of food outlets need fabrication and installation of point of sale equipment, after all it is not uncommon that a customer has no wish to stay in the parlor, but prefers getting his/her order and going about his/her business.

Benefits of cooperation with Commercial Construction

For years and years Commercial Construction company has offered services of fabrication of point of sale equipment for stores and restaurants, furniture for offices and hotels etc. Between now and then our specialists have gained a sound experience that our clients have entirely in hand.

If you need repair and construction operations at your facility to fit out customized point of sale equipment, then with our help you will be able to forget completely about problems associated with this process. We take responsibility for the following processes:

  • Repair and construction work;
  • Furniture fabrication and installation project management;
  • Electrical installation work;
  • Mounting of ceiling systems (fabrication and mounting of decorative panels on walls and ceiling);
  • Sewage installation;
  • Installation of engineering network.

Furniture customization with our help will make it possible for you to bring the sales room of the store, office spaces, entrance hall and hotel reception and the main dining area of a restaurant in perfect condition. These spaces will invariably attract customers by their appearance and practical character.

Commercial Constructions have been engaged in design and repair activities, in which we used HoReCa furniture in commercial construction projects. For the years of our work specialists have gained all the necessary experience to deal with projects of any level.

Our company has been engaged in fabrication of furniture for such companies as Dior, MacDonald’s, Dynamo Kyiv, Miele, and a lot of other global and regional leaders. With us you are absolutely sure to remain satisfied with furniture that will attract new customers to your sales area. After all any commercial construction project should contribute to development of your business.

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