Elaborate approach to development of utility systems

Design of utility systems (Kyiv) is one of the initial priorities of any contractor involved in repair work and construction. After all, the utility systems at the facility contribute to creating the positive environment that encourages work, recreation or shopping ‒ depending on specialization of the business.

Design of utility systems in commercial construction projects

Food outlets, stores, offices and any other places that allow for regular presence of lots of people are designed according to strict national regulations and standards. This ensures safety of the spaces.

Design of utility systems would be hard to overestimate. This process includes admission of required utilities (ventilation, electric power and gas supply and other utility systems) that ensure comfort and safety for people inside the buildings.

It is critical to make sure that the contractor you choose applies the advanced design techniques that meet all the latest standards in the area of commercial construction design. A design of utility systems developed in a highly qualified manner contributes to comfortable experience of people in a shopping space, office or a restaurant parlor.

And this means that after investigation and analysis process carried out by a single team of well-experienced professionals, a client can get comfortable utilities.

Why should we design utilities?

Turnkey design of utility systems is cost-effective. The package of drawings considers all the peculiarities and non-standard designers’ solutions, it helps to forecast and to avoid negative consequences:

  • Impractical arrangement of elements of water supply and disposal, electric power supply, ventilation systems;
  • Extra holes in walls, especially unwanted if they turn out to be in a visible place;
  • Functionless use of rooms resulting from a poor lighting or insufficient heating;
  • Expenses for additional services of builders to fix inaccuracies;
  • Spending money on construction materials to remedy contingent situations.

Turnkey design of utility systems helps to choose style and layout. To detect and avert technologically improper solutions before starting repairs and construction. To specify the amount of construction materials you need, to calculate preliminary cost of all types of activities.

Installation of utilities in commercial construction projects is one of the services provided by our company. The installation price, apart from the cost of the utility system design, is influenced by a number of factors:

  • Conditions of laying – complicated geographical and hydrological conditions call for more effort;
  • Network spread, it’s clear that the longer the more expensive;
  • Scope of work to be done for a full-fledged functioning of the building;
  • Preliminary clearing of faults already existing;
  • Cost of equipment used to install the networks.

The designer of utility systems will consult you in detail, provide you with complete information and answer any questions of our customers’ interest.

Benefits of cooperation with Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction guarantees the quality of work we do with the headlines agreed in advance being met. For that purpose we have many years of cumulative experience, a strong team of professionals and state-of-the-art innovative technologies. We always take into consideration our clients’ interests; cooperation like this ensures success in implementing conceived plans.

By efforts of our staff sales spaces were designed for Dior, MacDonald’s, Dynamo Kyiv and a lot of other businesses. The utility system in the facilities of these companies more than just meets all the national standards. It contributes to making a subtle atmosphere that encourages people to come back here time and again.

Afterwards, for the installation of engineering systems to be a success there is a thorough planning with a breakdown into particular process steps, and the total cost is calculated.

Our company undertakes repair and construction operations on projects of any complexity – in restaurants, offices, stores, hotels, car showrooms, business centers, banks and in other diversified facilities. We will provide design/installation of low current systems, arrange for internet service, telephone communication and lighting and carry out other integrated work.

After all the necessary work is done, communication networks arranged, ceiling systems installed, electrical and sewage systems are operated, your facility will serve all the functions you need. We also provide our clients with guarantee and post-guarantee service /technical maintenance of the utility systems.

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