Development of design documentation

Design documentation is important for establishing the budget; it is used for making lots of decisions and it influences on a successful completion of the construction project. Our architect, together with engineers and other specialists will prepare detailed documentation, before reconstruction or construction of your building starts. For this purpose, the team of our professionals has  many years of experience and all required expertise.

Design documentation – what is it?

We need design documentation for all residential, commercial, industrial buildings, office centers and any other type of construction. Sets of drawings and documents in detail inform workers, contractors, construction supervisors, suppliers of construction materials about the designers’ intentions. This includes detailed diagrams and list of construction materials that will have an impact on the ultimate interior design and the total project cost.

Design documentation first of all includes:

  • Detailed plans of the building – rooms,parlors, patios, passages, floor levels and other spaces;
  • Comprehensive description of each construction component, a detailed drawing for each individual unit, regardless of their number and minimum difference;
  • Fundamental instructions with each phase of work finely detailed – from installation of utility systems to finishing;
  • Detailed estimate for construction machinery, materials, logistics and other necessary expenses.

In the process of work the amount of expenses for construction can vary due to changing of construction headlines and fluctuation of prices for services, equipment and materials.

Why do we need design documentation?

Design documentation (Kyiv) helps to identify the vector of planning and repair activities that will finally make it possible to create an integrated design of interior and exterior of the commercial construction project.

Specialists from our company have prepared documentation for hundreds of projects: stores, restaurants, offices, cafes and other commercial construction projects, for which an integral design style and a well-thought-of layout of interior items is important.

It’s critical to ensure that the permits should be issued in accordance with all the national standards, otherwise you may suffer from:

  • Improperly arranged utility systems that impact the feasibility and correct functioning of the building;
  • Failure to get from the appropriate authorities a set of documents that enable using the building as a sales space or any other type of commercial real estate;
  • Unwanted holes in walls and other construction errors;
  • Increase of project cost after additional material expenses for correction of discrepancies, unforeseen expenses for additional materials, human resources and machinery.

A quality design documentation of the interior design ensures that the customer will get exactly what he ordered. An experienced team of our specialists working cooperatively can do it for you. After a detailed investigation and analysis we will provide you with all-inclusive set of drawings and instructions with a detailed description of the construction process.

Benefits of cooperation with Commercial Construction

Passionate about our work, experienced and knowledgeable, we are scrupulous about wishes of our customers. To make sure that all the work will be done to the best advantage, within the period of construction:

  • We check all the drawings at the development phase for inconsistence and discrepancies. If we come across any contradictions, we immediately consult the customer to check and correct them.
  • Shop drawings and design documentation are thoroughly examined by our specialists for compliance to special construction regulations and standards, including wiring, plumbing, heat and gas supply, fire safety and other utilities. Our long-term experience of work and fundamental knowledge help to have a good command in mounting roof and walls and designing utility systems.
  • Shop drawings of the project design are subject to comprehensive multi-level quality examination before the final plans, drawings and other documents are delivered to the customer.

Cooperation with Commercial Construction is a guaranteed help from specialists that have already designed more than 50 restaurants, about 40 cafes and plenty of offices and stores.

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