1. Renovation and reconstruction of buildings

Reconstruction of buildings and facilities includes a broad range of activities aimed both at recovering of outward features of the structure and at changing the building look. These services become more and more popular in the sphere of construction and repair work. Commercial Construction company makes overall reconstruction of the whole building or its particular part, regardless of the original condition of the structure.

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2. Interior design for a restaurant, a café or an office

Absolutely any structure in your new restaurant or café should promote success of your business. Needless to say that a good cuisine and perfect service are crucial for conducting your favorite business, but an enjoyable interior design of your restaurant, café or office is no less important and is often critical for creating an atmosphere for target audience.

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3. Fabrication and installation of furniture for companies

Furniture for a store, restaurant and office or any other business should keep up to a number of tasks depending on the profile of the company. The solution of choice to furnish the company with necessary interior features is to address a specialized company that will be able to satisfy all your needs in this aspect.

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4. Manufacturing and assembly of advertising structures and sun-protection devices

Manufacturing and assembly of advertising structures is one of the drivers of marketing. After all in spite of the fact that the share of internet advertisement dramatically increased, the outdoor advertising market demonstrates rather growth than decrease. This is because there is now a high level of competition in a lot of human activities that encourages businesspeople to act more aggressively. For this very reason, manufacturing and assembly of advertisement boards still stays extremely popular both among third party companies and among specialized businesses that offer places for outdoor advertising.

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5. Fabrication of glass and aluminum structures

Glass and aluminum structures are widely used to set up both interior and exterior of commercial construction project. They are especially popular among those businesses that lay emphasis on zoning the space and creating an inviting environment for customer service ‒ these are restaurants, hotels, offices, stores and the like.

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6. Elaborate approach to development of utility systems

Design of utility systems (Kyiv) is one of the initial priorities of any contractor involved in repair work and construction. After all, the utility systems at the facility contribute to creating the positive environment that encourages work, recreation or shopping ‒ depending on specialization of the business.

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7. Development of design documentation

Design documentation is important for establishing the budget; it is used for making lots of decisions and it influences on a successful completion of the construction project. Our architect, together with engineers and other specialists will prepare detailed documentation, before reconstruction or construction of your building starts. For this purpose, the team of our professionals has many years of experience and all required expertise.

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