Installation of utility systems

Installation of utility systems is an important phase in design and construction of any building: be it residential housing block or an office. Utility systems provide comfortable conditions to live and work inside the building. Therefore utility systems are of great importance not only in private residences, but in public spaces as well: offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping and leisure centers etc.

Types of utility systems

Utility systems are designed, constructed and installed long before the building owner sets about managing the interior. Utility networks are basically divided into two main types:

  • internal;
  • external.

It is important to realize that technical specifications of utility networks should meet all the national standards, otherwise it will be impossible to put the construction project into operation.

Installation of utility systems includes layout and arrangement of:

  • ventilation;
  • hear supply;
  • gas supply;
  • power supply;
  • air conditioning;
  • low-voltage wires;
  • waste disposal and many other things.

So, utility systems both make visitors’ experience more comfortable and ensure safety of all people in the building. For this very reason the requirements to utility networks of administrative and industrial construction projects are somewhat stricter than to those in private residences.


List of major installation operations

As you may understand, installation of utility lines and systems includes large-scale work, without which the construction project cannot be commissioned. In as much as utility systems considerably differ from each other in terms of operation principles and characteristics, the process of installation of networks is divided into the following types of installation work:

  1. Installation of ventilation system includes installation of air conduits, intake and exhaust ventilation systems, connection of distribution devices, providing the networks with sound and vibration insulation, startup and adjustment activities before the construction project is commissioned.
  2. Installation of heating systems. Installation of heating equipment and networks that directly depends on the area of premises, type of heat transfer medium, structural features of the building and climatic conditions.
  3. Installation of power supply system.Marking and laying cables, electric power networks and chasing of structures.
  4. Installation of sewage system. It includes sewage network distribution, installation of additional equipment for their proper work ‒ pipes etc. Installation of sewage system outside the building.
  5. Installation of low-voltage wire systems. Installation of TV, Internet, Wi-Fi, fire and security alarms.
  6. Installation of cold supply system. Installation of refrigerating equipment that is of special importance, if the operation of the building is associated with manufacturing or processing foodstuff.
  7. Installation of air conditioning systems. Installation of climate systems in private residences, offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc.

You should remember that there is a considerable difference between installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, however, while installing these systems you should always take into account characteristics of each of them.

To all the above mentioned activities we can add installation of specialized utility networks necessary for a proper operation of some or other business. However, they are common with industrial projects only.

Phases of development and installation of utility systems

The entire process specific to installation of ventilation or any other utility system can be divided into a number of basic phases:

  1. Design development and approval
  2. Calculations and purchase of materials.
  3. Logistics and supply to the construction site.
  4. Installation of the systems.
  5. Startup and adjustment activities.
  6. Commissioning of the construction project.

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