Guarantee and post-guarantee service

Facility management (service) that already emerged in America in 1980s, however, it was not until the recent years that it has gone mainstream with us. Actually in a service like that the contractor company is expected to carry out a range of activities aimed at supporting the building in optimal technical condition and at generating a comfortable atmosphere for the employees and visitors of the company.

Specific features of the Facility management

Facility management is a popular service among the companies as additional service for offices, restaurants, stores, shopping malls and leisure centers or other similar business. In particular, the responsibilities of the company offering these services include keeping track of:

  • technical aspects of the building (troubleshooting and fixing any failures directly related to the conditions of the building);
  • heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems;
  • comfortable lighting arrangement;
  • high quality water supply management.

All the above mentioned services fall in the Hard category, however, the facility management also includes other types of  services, which call for more involvement in everyday “life” of the building. They include:

  • cleaning;
  • security;
  • reception;
  • outstaffing;
  • delivery of goods or equipment required;
  • additional specific services depending on the type of the business.

These services of the Facility management fall in the Soft category.

With all this in mind we can conclude that the facility management is aimed at optimizing resources necessary for a regular performance of business of a certain type. Companies offering this service have clients among a great variety of businesses, which need an integrated approach from leading specialists in the facility management. They can be the following:

  • office premises;
  • restaurants;
  • shopping malls and leisure centers;
  • stores;
  • manufacturing businesses.

So service repair of premises and their material and technical maintenance can be ordered by a company of virtually any type, which operates inside one or a number of buildings.

Benefits of the facility management

Cooperation with a specialized company that has proper experience for effective business activity will allow you to get a number of significant benefits:

  • resource optimization;
  • timely implementation of innovations in everyday activity of the building;
  • transparent handling of all operations on distributing material and technical resources;
  • risks insurance;
  • search for optimal solutions for strategic objectives;
  • hiring qualified staff and a lot of other things.

The facility management enables considerably decrease burden of management of your company, delegating responsibilities for technical maintenance of office centers, restaurants, shopping malls and leisure centers or other buildings to third-party companies. This is an outsource service that lets the customer save a lot of resources for the issues of higher priorities.

Facility management provided by Commercial Construction company is always a high quality guarantee and post-guarantee service that helps to make material and technical maintenance a pleasing routine. Among our clients there are such global leaders as Dior and Miele that expect exclusively top-quality servicing of their own commercial real estate. That is why cooperating with us you can expect the result of the highest quality.

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