Adaptation of design documents for international partners

Adaptation of foreign construction drawings can be needed not only for a foreign company, but also to a Ukrainian one that would like to implement a commercial construction project in Kyiv or any other city of Ukraine. Standards are different at every phase of commercial project implementation ‒ from construction operations and installation of utility systems to repair work and putting furniture in place.

Why is it necessary to adapt the construction drawings?

Implementing international projects where Ukrainian standards and safety regulations are not applied can lead to negative consequences. It is better to avoid such tricks and keep the construction project out of danger. The project adaptation needs thorough study and a wide range of construction solutions; it is crucial:

  • to research the shape of the ground that to a great extent defines the amount of future construction costs – to take into consideration the slope grade of the construction site, its location taking into consideration other buildings, motor ways etc.;
  • to detect the groundwater depth and soil type;
  • to choose the most convenient external utility flow diagrams, to ensure selection of waterproofing materials that protect the premises.

Each project has a specific geographical reference, adaptation of design concepts will let you lay out the building properly, to integrate it seamlessly into its environment and make it a true piece of architecture.

Benefits of cooperation with Commercial Construction company

Professionals of Commercial Construction have fundamental knowledge and positive experience in this field, in an integrated manner they approach the construction process, the initial data collection, development of detailed construction design documents and utility systems, construction drawings and sketches.

Adaptation of international projects has long been on the list of services delivered by our team, we can translate the project text and detailed explanatory notes to the construction drawings, and we guarantee that:

  • All construction drawings in the exploration phase will be assessed in an unbiased way and analyzed in detail;
  • Technical documents are processed and reviewed by our specialists for compliance with all special construction national standards and regulations, including power supply, sewage, heating and gas supply systems, fire safety and other utilities;
  • Adaptation of design concepts of foreign companies is reviewed more than once before it is finally presented to the client.

Commercial Construction  company cooperates with a lot of international companies (Dior, Miele and many others), that own commercial real estate in Kyiv or any other city of Ukraine. That is why our professionals have sufficient experience in readjusting all the design documents to Ukrainian standards without any significant changes. Design concepts are approved together with the client, so you will always have a chance to have the result you expect.

Within the period of its operation our company has elaborated a lot of construction documentation for our national and international partners.

Adaptation of international projects of commercial real estate of any complexity (restaurants, offices, stores, hotels, automobile dealerships, business centers, banks and other diversified facilities) is one of the numerous services we offer to our clients.

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