Dear partners!

Since 2008 we have been providing a product that promotes business development of our Clients. For that purpose we have everything we need to achieve the highest results indeed in our profile services. The experience accumulated in the construction area, a strong team of professionals and the latest technologies applied enable us both to act in accordance with business ethics and become more efficient than our Competitors.

All of our decisions are always well balanced, and they are the result of profound professional knowledge, understanding of market and many years of experience in implementing different projects!
We thank our Clients and Partners for the vote of confidence, for fruitful cooperation and for becoming a part of our history, the history of development of Commercial Construction company!

Best regards, Vadym Petrochenko, CEO Commercial Construction!

About us

A successful business starts with a reliable contractor!


Commercial Construction company provides an entire cycle of repair and construction work, from design and construction to commissioning and further maintenance of the facility. It renders services in the areas of retail, HoReCa and entertainment in Ukraine, Europe and the CIS.


The company is a member of Partner Group that has a strong position in the market for over 16 years. Due to a considerable work experience, sustainable team and our own production facilities, we implement projects of any complexity in a quality manner and within the established deadline.


Our mission. We work to contribute to creating the best commercial properties that promote the development of the client’s business providing the best service.

Our mission

Company’s key values

People. We work with the best of the best, our employees always improve their skills for further success.

Integrity. We conduct the clients’ projects with a high level of integrity. Our company takes responsibility for all its words and actions.

Improvement. We never stop raising the standards; we improve ourselves all the time focusing on top quality of services.

Strategic management. Every day we realize the role we play as managers of your project.


We set trends. We inspire the market.

The priority area of our company is collaboration with market trendsetting designers, as we see the ways to combine our experience with their vision of trends. After all, our primary objective is to build new comfortable, modern and well-grounded property units.

Let’s get acquainted

Our team

Vadym Petrochenko


Julia Solop

Assistant to CEO

Olga Tuz


Dmitriy Fornol

Engineering design department manager

Anastasia Bilenko

Interior designer

Aleksey Zherebtsov

Regional project manager

Vladislav Aloni

Corporate account manager

Yuri Rusanov

Technical supervision engineer

Olga Slusarenko

Cost estimate and engineering department manager

Viktoria Kovalchuk

Cost estimate engineer

Maria Shevtsova

Cost estimate engineer

Yuri Tretak

Procurement specialist

Aleksandr Mikhailenko

Legal advisor

Bogdan Pogrebnyak

Marketing executive