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17 February, 2020

Alteration of premises to be used as a restaurant

Launching a restaurant is accompanied with a number of steps, of which one of the most important is selection and alteration of premises to be used for this business. Right from the start it is necessary to make sure that the plans can be implemented based on the financing available. So, and in no other way you can count on further successful business development.

Ins and outs of selecting premises for a restaurant

The easiest way will be to find premises where there used to be a food outlet before. In that case alteration of the restaurant dining room or kitchen will not call for considerable expenses. However, the client always reserves the right to make a complete alteration of the premises for a new restaurant design.

It is far more complicated to turn into a café or a restaurant those premises that used to be residential ones. Before you sign a long-term lease contract or make a purchase, make sure to consult experts. In many cases, alteration of premises turns to be impossible.

With this in mind we can come to the conclusion that any businessman who wants to launch a new restaurant has two options:

  • To rent residential premises and to restructure them as non-residential;
  • To select non-residential premises, where restructuring will call for less or absolutely no effort.

When choosing the premises to be used as a restaurant you should order expert assessment to specialists that evaluate the premises upon a number of basic criteria:

  • Occurrence of defects;
  • Possibility to make alteration or redesign of the facade;
  • Location of the building and premises the restaurant is to be housed in;
  • Possibility to change parameters of the premises that would be in line with the national standards with respect to food outlets;
  • Availability of space for production capacities of the would-be restaurant.

Restructuring premises for a restaurant as non-residential

To restructure premises as non-residential, they should meet a number of criteria:

  • To have a separate entrance;
  • To be located on the ground floor of the building;
  • Not to be a part of residential premises;
  • Not to be in disrepair or non-repairable.

Commercial Constructions will be happy to help you not only to alter premises for a restaurant, but to choose the most advantageous location for your future food outlet and to do the entire package of repair work on the turnkey basis.

Alteration design for a restaurant

First of all we develop a plan of the future restaurant. Experienced restaurant owners know that absolutely every structure in the dining room should promote business development. If you want your business to be successful, the best choice is to seek professional advice of highly qualified experts experienced enough in alterations of premises to be used as a restaurant.

Alteration design for a restaurant includes a number of basic steps:

  1. Designers create 3D-imaging.
  2. Construction operations are performed (alteration ‒ demolition and new walling).
  3. Utility systems are installed (the heating network, power supply network, sewage system, ventilation system etc. are installed).
  4. Firefighting system is laid out and installed.
  5. Security system is installed.
  6. Finishing and final decoration of the premises is done.

We at Commercial Constructions have designed alterations for more than 50 restaurants. Besides, our team has worked on projects of about 40 cafes or fast foods. And now we make our entire experience available to you! Together with you we can make a successful design of a restaurant, where each element in design and layout will attract new visitors to your venue.