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10 February, 2020

Renovation of a fitness-club: you should take into account the following

Renovation of a fitness-club is a package of complex measures aimed at renovating the visual look of the interior of a room for sports activities, renewing the sports gear and making the atmosphere more comfortable for sports activities. The fitness-club should meet a range of parameters that should not only be in line with the national standards and fire safety standards, but attract new customers to the gym for workouts as well.

Any structure in the gym should work for its development. If you follow this rule you can expect that the fitness-club will become a really popular place both among the youth and people of a more mature age.

Fitness-club renovation varieties

Before you renovate the fitness-club interior design, you should make up your mind what exactly you would like to change in the room for sports activities. Depending on the scope of work the fitness-club renovation can be:

  • This one is necessary, if the club owner wishes to make a common inventory alteration in the premises, without changing the layout of walls and utility systems. If wall finishing needs renovating, ceramic tilework in shower rooms wants changing, or a new state-of-the- art flooring is required, then you should order this very type of repair work. With minimum expenses you will be able to make the gym look more attractive for new customers.
  • This type of renovation calls for far larger scope of work. It is not just about replacing the external surface finish and purchasing new sports gears for the gyms. It is rather about upgrading utility systems to bring them in line with the current standards, replacing internal structure elements, alteration of the premises that includes demolition and new walling. Every aspect of the premises is improved, and that invariably influences comfort and quality of workouts in the fitness-club.
  • Design-focused. This type of renovation is something between the two above mentioned. To improve the layout and design of the fitness-club you can hire an individual designer or an entire company, and they make a new design of the premises. The scope of work and changes made in the fitness-club hinges on the size of the budget for renovation.

Primary objectives of fitness-club renovation

Carrying out repairs in fitness-clubs you should pay special attention to a number of factors that directly influence comfort and safety of the room for the customers. These aspects include:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning system. It should more than just be in line with all the national standards, it should far outperform the recommended metrics, to make it really comfortable for the customers to work out. While working out the human body consumes by far more oxygen, therefore the gym should be provided with effective air interchange.
  • Water supply system. Right after working out a visitor goes to take a shower at once to rinse off all sweat and recover a little. That is why, while installing the water supply elements you should select the parts of the highest possible quality.
  • Sound-proofing. During the workouts of some endurance and gymnastic sports a person or a sports gear can produce a really loud sound; that is why you should take care of the proper level of sound-proofing, especially if the fitness studio is located in an apartment block.
  • Availability of high quality changing and shower rooms. It is not only sports gear and new gymnastic apparatuses that you should pay attention to, but comfortable rooms as well where a visitor can easily change into gym clothing or clean up after working out.

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